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Cromer Lockdown Views

Looking for the Lockdown Gallery….go here

An opportunity to be creative and to use Lockdown Isolation as subject matter.

Whoever you are – professional artist, amateur or total beginner – this is your chance to have a go!


Create a piece of art: could be the view from your windows or doors, your living space, garden, still life, self-portrait, the view inside your head, outside space in and around Cromer. Anything goes!

Use any medium: drawing, painting, textiles, prints, poetry, collage, modelling, computer design,
sculpture, film, music, photography (not simple photo-snaps please – get creative – think outside the box!)

2D & 3D: Any size up to maximun A1 (60 x 85 cm or 24 x 33 inches)
Film/Music: Up to 1 min. maximum. maximum. (Film MP4 format. Music/sound MP3 format)
Poetry/Writing: PDF file

Cromer Lockdown Views will become a growing online gallery on Cromer Artspace Facebook, it
will echo the mood of Cromer during Covid19.

  • The project runs till September 30
  • Send in as many pieces as you like.
  • There will be prizes!


  1. Photograph your work and send via wetransfer.com or to: hello@cromer-artspace.uk
  2. Upload the photo of your work
  3. Email to section: Put hello@cromer-artspace.uk
  4. Your Email section: Put your own email address
  5. Message section: Type your name, contact details, age if under 16, Title, medium and size.

(Please say if you don’t wish your name to be posted online.)
NB. Work cannot be posted directly to the Facebook page.

By sending your artwork you are agreeing these terms: You allow us to post your work in our
online gallery, for possible exhibition around Cromer and in any publicity/promotional media.

You confirm that you own and control the rights to your artwork. Any third party element
(eg.music) must have proof of copyrights cleared.

We retain the right to exclude anything illegal, obscene, defamatory or otherwise unsuitable

You can view submissions on the lockdown views page.

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