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inclusive access ramp - cromer artspace on the prom

Please, please consider making a donation (however big or small) to help us install an inclusive access ramp before we open in April. MORE INFO…

ON THE EDGE Cromer Pint Fair

ON THE EDGE is a printmaking exhibition taking place in various locations around Cromer, Norfolk between 1-7th August 2023.

We will fill Cromer with exciting and original work which will create discussion and engagement about print as well as showcase individual artists and provide an opportunity to sell work when Cromer is at its busiest. There will be a number of locations for the exhibition within Cromer, the main site being Artspace on the Prom.

We invite printmakers to submit up to 3 works of original print for the selection panel to consider, in response to the theme ‘On the Edge’.

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Artspace on the Prom, Cromer

Ta Dah (we’re back)

2023 Art Auction Submissions

To start the new season we are hosting an auction of donated art. The Cromer Artspace Auction Exhibition 2023 will run from April 24th to May 13th at Artspace on the Prom.

Artists are generously donating works for the show and a piece of art donated by you can really help make these dreams a reality.

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Le Brun outside upstairs downstairs
Le Brun’s self portrait can be found outside Upstairs Downstairs on Church Street

Pictures around Cromer

The National Gallery Collection

From Caravaggio to Zurbarán, Monet to Manet and van Gogh to van Huysum, this exciting new exhibition in collaboration with the National Gallery brings life-sized reproductions to the streets of Cromer, providing visitors with a multiplicity of photo opportunities other than the iconic pier. This exhibition is a follow-on from the Bigger Picture which brought an outside exhibition to Cromer during the lockdowns.

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cromer artspace on the prom, july 2022
artspce on the prom cromer

Cromer Artspace on the Prom

Artspace on the Prom is closed for the winter, opening again in April 2023.  You can see the planned exhibitions on the 2023 exhibitions page.  If you would like to help keep the space open all year round, please donate to our appeal so we can install heating and gallery lighting.

In 2022 there were an amazing range of 16 exhibitions and a research project residency, welcoming over 10,000 (yes, over ten thousand) people.

Artists who would like to exhibit in the gallery should read our details on how to apply

artspace on the prom cromer

Art Deco Building Renovation Appeal

Please support us in raising money to give an iconic Art Deco seafront building on the Cromer promenade a new lease of life. We will be redeveloping it into an Art Space for everyone to enjoy.

cromer artspace

Cromer Artspace

Cromer Artspace aims to engage and inspire the local community with art in public places, encouraging audience engagement and participation by increasing the understanding of the arts. We aim to be fresh and outward looking, supporting artists and bringing works and events of quality and imagination to Cromer.

Cromer Artspace will enable projects which increase accessibility, support local businesses and help the arts to become valued as a vital part of local life.

The Cromer Artspace Summer 2021 survey report

Cromer wants more art and an exhibition space

A huge thanks to the almost 200 people took part in the Summer 2021 Cromer Artspace survey between July and October 2021. There was a real feeling that, whilst there is an undercurrent of art in Cromer, things could and should be improved.

Read the full report here…

Cromer Artspace research

Research Project

In 2020 Cromer Artspace commissioned a research project which investigated how other towns have developed high quality, innovative and contemporary public art – opening opportunities on a world scale for participation and understanding.

Interviews were undertaken with interested locals, arts professionals, innovators and grant giving bodies. The resultant report has enabled us to plan and formulate ideas for future possibilities which would be suitable for Cromer.

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Cromer Lockdown Views

Cromer Lockdown Views Project

Cromer Artspace offered an opportunity for all-comers to be creative and to use Lockdown Isolation as subject matter. More than 40 people took part, from professional artists to total beginners and the project grew to become an online gallery of paintings, photographs, 3D works, films and poetry. A further 16 moving and energetic entries came from school groups, all reflecting the mood of Cromer during Covid19.

Two A3 sized posters were produced, and each entrant received copies. More were posted around town and are on sale through our website

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