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Enter a fully accessible, geodesic dome with seating to for an immersive planetarium experience.


Enter a fully accessible, geodesic dome with seating for an immersive planetarium experience.

The show lasts for 45 minutes and is suitable for ages 5+. It will cover the Solar System, including the Moon, Earth, Sun, all eight planets and some of the major, and not so major moons. It will also cover comets, asteroids and dwarf planets.

The HD projector and state of the art planetarium software will give you a great experience. The presenter is an expert in the field, will narrate the show live and be pleased to answer questions from everyone (even the grown ups!)

Each session is limited to 30 people; no unaccompanied children.

The Planetarium will be at Cromer Junior School.

The children have not stopped talking about it! The morning in the planetarium was amazing and a fantastic opportunity, children were asking questions left, right and centre

The planetarium is phenomenal, the best we have ever hired … Mark is a font of all knowledge when it comes to space science and astrophysics, often leaving students speechless with his answers to their questions

Space is a fascinating area as we know so little about it, so to have an expert like Mark visit (with the planetarium dome) was brilliant, especially for those children who were asking tricky questions that we could not answer


Ticket Price Quantity
Planetarium at 9:30 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 10:30 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 11:30 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 13:00 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 14:00 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 15:00 £5.00 Sold out
Planetarium at 16:00 £5.00 Sold out

Please note that photographs may be taken at the event for use on social media and future publicity.