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Cromer Research Project

For some time we’ve been aware of arts projects and events happening both locally and further afield – high quality, innovative and contemporary public art accessible to all.

“Whether it is in bringing communities together, promoting individual wellbeing, or helping towns to adapt to changing economic circumstances, the arts have an ever-increasing role to play in helping us all to live well. By supporting our cultural sector, we create happier, more vibrant communities that we can all be proud to be a part of.”

– Arts Council England 2020

As a small coastal community Cromer is particularly lacking in any fixed venue, or even any temporary art spaces for a rolling programme of exhibitions, workshops, exchanges or developments. Perhaps it’s time we caught up with the trend.

Cromer Artspace hopes to enable arts projects with year-round interest for both locals and visitors, opening opportunities on a world scale for participation and understanding.

BUT – what would be right for Cromer?
A brief look at other towns reveals a range of approach.
Guernsey is investing in a large bronze sculpture on a bench.
Near Liverpool there’s a series of huge murals on house walls.
Folkestone has created a sculpture trail by internationally renowned artists.
In Yarmouth and Norwich there are exhibitions in empty shops and reclaimed buildings.
Morcambe has a community workshop space alongside contemporary art exhibitions.
In Cornwall there are conservation arts projects linking the Tin Coast.
Could we work towards becoming part of England’s Creative Coast?
“New outdoor artworks and cultural adventures will connect the coastline of Kent, Essex and Sussex, including everything from attractions, events and festivals to accommodation, food and drink.”

There are big ideas and small ideas out there – but what would be right for Cromer?

Cromer Artspace Research Project will investigate a range of projects and ideas, making contacts, setting up links and learning from other towns … but more particularly we want to hear from our local population. Give us YOUR ideas – help us create a sensible plan for Public Art Projects in Cromer.


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