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Cromer Artspace Research Project Update – July 2020

The Cromer Artspace Research Project is well under way and our researcher, Amanda Hensby, has been contacting other organisations both in Norfolk and around the country to find out how they use public art in their areas. She is finding out how they got their projects off the ground including how they got the public involved, where they found the money to do what they wanted and the different type of projects that have been developed.

Amanda has spoken with organisations in many different areas and in particular to coastal communities including Morecambe, Guernsey, and Margate. The public art projects that they are involved in range from a Vintage Arts Trail that took art into shops, a sculpture of a man on a bench to a purpose-built public gallery. She has also sent out a questionnaire to other organisations and is looking at websites to gather as much information as possible to help us move the project forward.

At this early stage it is still difficult to draw conclusions but during August Amanda will be analysing all the information she will have gathered and bringing some recommendations to the group on how Public Art could be developed in Cromer. A key area that is essential to the success of this project is the public’s involvement with the development of any public art and we want to start that conversation now. Give us YOUR ideas – help us create a sensible plan for Public Art Projects in Cromer.

See our Cromer Artspace website and Facebook page, send us your ideas – and why not join in our Cromer Lockdown Views Project.

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