Esther Boehm: Black and White: From the Ethereal to the Concrete

Black and White: From the Ethereal to the Concrete

14 until 25 September 2023.

Esther Boehm


When I first moved to Norfolk in 2015, I started experimenting with white tissue paper and acrylic medium instead of traditional papier mâché materials. Translucent ‘skins’ of varying shapes with soft edges reminiscent of alabaster or ice resulted. In this installation, I have pursued this method to create large scale seemingly floating objects which were originally viewed from below. The sound enhances the ethereal quality I’m trying to achieve.

Beginning – Ending – Beginning

A sequence of pillar-like shapes growing out of the ground in the conservation area at All Saints Church, Wighton. Organic materials found on site were embedded within them. How will time effect the natural materials? How long will it take to break them down and disappear allowing new surfaces to emerge? Will the cement itself break down? On the one hand the work is a living piece in that it will change over the month at Wighton. At the same time it’s a decaying and dying piece. A paradox.

At Cromer Art Space these objects will hover above the ground allowing visitors to walk through and around the them. My new work, Beginning – Ending – Beginning, made of black ‘Ciment Fondu‘ will emerge from the ground to form a dialogue with both Ether and the visitors.

Interactive sound will be incorporated to enhance the installation.

The installation is complimented with work from an architectural series and detail photos of Ether and Beginning – Ending – Beginning.

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