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2023 Art Auction Submissions

TA-DAH! (We’re back) Information and submittal form.

Cromer Artspace is a charity staffed and run by volunteers, we make no profit and we wish to keep exhibiting affordable for artists. We also wish to make further improvements to the building, offer support for emerging artists and bring new art to the area. We support artists, schools and colleges and offer workshops – and we want to do more. All of these aspirations require money.

To start the new season we are hosting an auction of donated art. The Cromer Artspace Auction Exhibition 2023 will run from April 24th to May 13th at Artspace on the Prom.

Artists are generously donating works for the show and a piece of art donated by you can really help make these dreams a reality. Bidding will take place at the exhibition and online via the Cromer Artspace website. The auctioned artwork will be anonymous, so bidders don’t know whose work they are buying until their final bid is successful.

Why should I donate? Last year Artspace on the Prom had over 10,000 visitors and our first auction show raised a significant sum of money which really helped us to make some essential improvements to the gallery and to keep costs down for our exhibiting artists. Your work will be seen by many people at the gallery and online and it may generate more interest in your work, or future sales.

What kind of work can I submit? Artwork can be in any media: drawing, painting, print, collage, photography, textiles, mixed media. Our gallery has many young visitors and we can’t show anything too risqué.

What about size and materials? This year we can ONLY accept unframed work sized A3 or smaller, or 3d work limited to 20x20cm. (Please don’t submit anything really fragile.)

This limit on size is because last year a significant number of people from outside of the region bid on work which had to be carefully packed and posted to them. (We need to manage postal costs.)

How many pieces can I submit? Artists can submit a maximum of 2 works.

How do I submit my work? Choose up to 2 pieces of A3 or smaller sized work (or 20 x 20cm for 3D work) Please don’t write your name on the front of the work; it’s a secret auction, the buyers won’t know whose work they have purchased until they collect it! There will be a list of donating artists on the wall at Artspace and online, acknowledging your generosity and our appreciation.

Take a photo of each piece (with your phone is fine) that shows the work clearly (we will use this for the website) and email them to by March 20th, 2023, or complete the submission form below.

Attach a copy of the form for each piece of work, and attach it to the work, or put them in an envelope together. This is so that our buyers know whose work they have bought and can get in touch with you if they would like to buy more!

Bring your work, with the forms, to the Artspace on the Prom gallery from 11am to 4pm on Saturday April 15th. If you can’t get there on that day then it is possible to send work by post to Sheila Robinson, 10 Chapel Road, Southrepps, NR11 8UW.

Please note that we will not be able to accept submissions after the end of March – it takes time to get all of the images and information onto the website in time for the show.

Can I set a price for my work? No, part of the fun is that people bid what they want or can afford for each piece. Bids for every piece start at £20 and have no upper limit. You will be able to see how your pieces are doing on the website, as well as using it to bid for work if you want to.

What if my work doesn’t sell? There is every chance that it will, but if not, we will keep it safe and contact you about returning it.

When is the show? The show will be open to the public from Monday April 24th until Saturday May 13th at Cromer Artspace on the Prom. Although we will not display the names of the artist on each piece, we would like to show the name of every contributing artist on the wall during the show. We will tell the buyer the name of the artist whose work they have purchased.

Thank you so much for your support,

From: The Artspace on the Prom Team

Donation Form

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