Artists information

Cromer Artspace is focussed on artists. Artists who like art, produce art, and want to help art. We’re here for you because you’re there for us.

As an artist you may want to hire Artspace on the Prom to show your work, or have an idea for an exhibition. We have an independent panel who look at submissions each year – usually 12-18 months in advance. Details of how to submit your ideas are at….hire-cromer-artspace-on-the-prom; or email us at to discuss your ideas.

Cromer Artspace is a small group of dedicated volunteers. We need more of you, with more ideas, and time to make a difference. Whether you want to help invigilate, curate an exhibition, help with fundraising, become a trustee or help in another way, get in touch at . You’ll be very welcome.

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