Looking North

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Liz James and Ros Copping: an experimentation with atmosphere, light and colour using oils, watercolour and mixed media.

This event is running from 5 July 2022 until 10 July 2022.

  • Venue: Cromer Artspace on the Prom
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The work in this exhibition is an experimentation with atmosphere, light and colour using oils, watercolour and mixed media.

Both of our artworks are heavily influenced by the daily experience of walking on the beach either in Sheringham or Cromer and the constantly changing light, shifting sand, shingle and pebbles throughout the seasons. 

‘Looking North’ is the result of this daily experience and the view out to sea. 


Contemporary British Landscape Painter

I work in a free, expressive style to capture the atmosphere of a place and time rather than geographical detail. I like to experiment and incorporate other materials and mediums and often use charcoal, pastel, pencil and sand with watercolour and acrylic to enhance my paintings.

The beautiful Norfolk landscape is the main inspiration for my artistic practice, in particular the beautiful coast and wide-open skies. I love the way the weather and changing seasons mark the passage of time and affect the mood of the sea, sky and landscape.

I completed a BA Hons. in Fine Art in the 1980’s at Stourbridge in the West Midlands and, after several years working in marketing I returned to study MA in Fine Art at the Norwich University of the Arts in 2009.


I drifted from school to Art School in Newport and then drifted again to an MA. at Birmingham School of Art then on to Cambridge University for Education and the Creative Arts. I was an Art teacher for 25 years in Cambridgeshire and continued to make and exhibit in London and Cambridge. I moved to North Norfolk five years ago and have exhibited here and sell my work in local galleries and at Artisan fairs . I am a trained painter-printmaker and still work in both mediums.

My work is about the way we respond and then remember moments and events in time. I’m interested in the gap between emotional response and narratives we make up to record a memory and the ways these also change as we grow and change.

I like my work to suggest a story and evoke an emotion at the same time by experimenting with expressive marks with glimpses of representation to encourage a tale in another’s mind.

Sometimes I paint out, other times I collect, photograph, draw, or just look, and rely on my memory, for inspiration.

Most of the time I control composition to suggest movement and encourage a story and use colour and contrasts in layered textures and lines for mood.

In painting I struggle to define what something is and leave out detail without consequence. My titles document when and where I am at the moments of creating.