Cromer Artspace Open Call Colour

Colour in Cromer 2023

Cromer Artspace Autumn Open Call 2023: COLOUR

Artists from the UK have been invited by Cromer Artspace to explore their use of COLOUR, and its role in their work.

Colour is a fundamental element of all the visual arts, and is used in many different ways, and for a range of different purposes by contemporary artists, designers and makers.

This year’s Open Call brief has been designed to give artists the freedom of choice for the subject of the work which they submit, while asking them to focus on the ways in which they use this fundamental element, and what that process enables them to communicate visually through their work.

The hope has been that such a seemingly open brief would encourage a wide range of submissions, in terms of subject and methods of production chosen, and that it might encourage three-dimensional works to be submitted, with the use of a wider range of media in all the works.

Viewing colour on a flat unreflective surface is a very different experience to viewing transparent or translucent colour in the medium of glass, or seeing radiant colour produced through an artist’s use of light. Colour in each manifestation affects the viewer differently, and speaks differently.

Colour can be a very powerful communicator psychologically, emotionally, symbolically, intellectually, and even physically.

The Curator of this Open Call to artists hopes that you will be able to experience the power of colour, and its ability to affect your thoughts and responses, as you view this wide ranging exhibition.

Sue Bell

There will be a Q&A with artists, led by the curator Sue Bell, on 14th October at 5.30pm. This will be an excellent chance to listen to and contribute to discussion of the role of colour in art. The winner of the Antony Gormley raffle will be announced at this event.