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2023 Art Exhibition Schedule

We have an exciting varied range of contemporary art exhibitions at Artspace on the Prom scheduled for 2023.

2023 Art Exhibitions at Artspace on the Prom

  • Monday 24th April to Saturday, 13th May, Auction of donated work
  • Wednesday 17th to 29th May, Anna- Lise Horsley
  • Thursday 1st June to Monday 12th June, Paston BTech
  • Thursday 14th June to Monday 26th June, Marion Piper
  • Thursday 29th June to Monday 10th July, Space Two
  • Thursday 13th July to Monday 24th July, Stuart Shearer
  • Thursday 27th July to Monday 7th August, Print Fair (Open Call and commission)
  • Thursday 10th August to Monday 21st August, Space
  • Thursday 24th August to Monday 28th August, Ruth Butler
  • Thursday 31st August to 11th September, Craig Visser
  • Thursday 14th September to Monday 25th September , Esther Boehm
  • Saturday 30th September to Wednesday 18th October, Autumn Exhibition (Open Call)
  • Saturday 21st October to Sunday 29th October, Hannelore Smith, Francesca Cant, Kaitlin Ferguson