Supporting the Bigger Picture

  • ‘Children’s Games’ by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

We are delighted by the response to our pictures which have been popping up around Cromer. We aim to have many more, brightening up a visit to town by locals and visitors alike.

Pictures will be changed every 6-8 weeks, so there will always be a fresh and surprising aspect to your town shopping – and you can take time to enjoy each lifesize piece in glorious detail.

The project was due to finish in June 2021 but due to Covid we are now hoping to continue until early 2022. We will also be printing a full colour leaflet listing the picture sites around town. This will involve extra costs and more Great Art for Cromer than originally planned.

Sponsor More Great Art Around Town

If you want to see more great art around town you can get involved by sponsoring the Artspace Bigger Picture Project. Though much of the work is achieved by a tiny group of volunteers, we do need funds to source and print more artwork, to move them around town, to print leaflets etc.

Sponsorship starts at £50. You will be promoted on our leaflets, facebook and website and in relevant PR.

Sponsor a painting. Large pieces cost £175 and smaller works cost £115

If you have an interesting wallspace to offer we are happy to visit and assess the suitability.

Join in, make the streets of Cromer a great place to shop – and a great place to see Great Art!



We are seeking more wallspaces for the extended project.

  • This will encourage people to explore, and to find your location.
  • You will be promoted on our website, Facebook site and in any reprints of our full colour leaflet.

There are 2 picture size options:

  • BIG: H 122cm x W 170-180
  • SMALL: H 100cm x W 75cm or H 75cm x W100cm.

Not all walls are suitable, we’ll visit and assess your site. Suitable funding is required to print future pictures – we may not be able to use your space without the funding in place.