The Beach Labyrinth

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Beach Labyrinth


Conceived during the pandemic, the beach labyrinth was laid out in Overstrand for the eight earth based festivals and for each new moon as a symbol of stability and hope, honouring our integration with the earth and with the universe.

For this Art Festival , we invite you to greet Samhain for an early morning labyrinth walk, to celebrate and honour the lives of your ancestors and those who have died and gone before you, as the natural world begins its cycle of decay, returning seeds back into the earth.

The single path of the labyrinth, from the outside to the centre and back out again, feeds a human need for time, space, ritual, symbolism, prayer or meditation. As such it transcends all religious and spiritual beliefs.

7.30 am until 11.30 am ish – in tune with the low tide at 9.14
The labyrinth will be drawn on the sand near the Pier on the beach in Cromer

Beach Labyrinth