Poppyland. A Rural Idyll

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This event finished on 29 October 2021

Poppyland. A Rural Idyll


Come and talk to Bertie about your stories and experiences of life in this area.

A few years ago my dad introduced me to my Great Great Aunt Kristobel Hood’s journals from around 1913, found in the house I grew up in in Sidestrand. They contain her documentation of local history, lore, verses from songs and stories of life in NR27. These journals inspired me to find out more about the area I grew up in and put some of the verses found in her journals to music.

By speaking to current residents I will record their stories and experiences of living in NR27 and use them to create song and music, with two concerts, one in October 2021 and one in 2022. I will not only use the written words but also the recorded voices of those who have spoken to me and the sounds of North Norfolk that I have recorded ‘in the field’. The music itself will mostly be a mixture of classical, folk and experimental electro acoustic music however I will allow myself to be guided by the words and voices.

With Bertie Anderson Haggart

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