Bigger Picture Opportunities

If you would like to discuss any of these opportunities please use the contact against each title.

1. Picture loan scheme (contact

We have a useful selection of beautifully printed Great Master paintings available for short term loan to a selected range of groups and organisations who may not have been able to see them: schools, care homes, hospitals, etc. There is an opportunity for a volunteer to develop and manage a loan scheme. See full details. After the National Gallery exhibition more artworks could be added to the scheme.

2. Family Trail (contact

The National Gallery collection of pictures to be hung round Cromer from September 2022 includes about 30 paintings. We would like to offer a family trail around these to help families focus on works of more interest to younger people. There is an opportunity for volunteers interested in art for younger people to select a subset of the main collection, draw out key points from the works, to develop a family trail which would be published online (don’t worry – you don’t need technical skills)

3. Exhibition journal (contact

The exhibition will have an information website to enable viewers to get more information on each artwork and artist (with links to the national gallery website). We would like to supplement this with a journal, providing ‘opinion pieces’ about the artworks or artists across the duration of the exhibition. There are opportunities (starting now) to research and write extra information to publish on the website.

4. Talks and walks (contact

During the exhibition (Sept 2022 to April 2023) we would like to offer walking tours around the exhibition, giving visitors a brief highlight talk about each (or some) work/artist. There is an opportunity for volunteers to develop, offer and lead such walks.

5. What next? (contact or

The Bigger Picture proposition has been well received by the community such that we would like to develop further such outdoor exhibitions, maybe with other national galleries (eg Tate, Courtauld, etc), and overseas gallery or local. We are beginning this conversation now, there is an opportunity for volunteers to get involved in the development of the next project.